Inspiring and encouraging young adults to do the impossible – and to keep laughing!


Heart of Passion (HoP) is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to providing individualized experiences that incrementally improve the world as a whole. Through our young adult leadership development program, we mold the new generation of leaders with character, confidence, conviction, and compassion.  Graduates learn business fundamentals and confidence through obstacles, and they go on to compassionately apply these lessons in a variety of fields (missions, medicine, teaching, to name a few).  Through our Red Carpet Day (RCD) Retreats, we provide positive unique experiences for teens with cancer to anticipate, enjoy, and make memories to share – positive memories to help balance out the negative uniqueness that cancer brings to their everyday lives.

HoP seeks to inspire everyone we meet to strive for their own potential, to embrace the tiny moments that make up life, and to live confidently and compassionately, improving the world in their own way.

Thank you for your patience as we revamp our website to more clearly communicate our mission.  If you’re having trouble finding what you need for now, please contact us.